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Stoltzfus Family    Rocky Springs Amusement Park, once home to the largest roller coaster on the East Coast and the largest carousel in the United States, lies quiet. The rides are long gone, leaving only fading memories of a simpler time.
    Meet the new owners (pictured at right), Sam & Elaine Stoltzfus, daughter Valerie and sons Tim & Nick and dog Candy. Together they are working to bring a piece of Lancaster's history back. While the day of the roller coaster has long passed at Rocky Springs, the new owners hope to bring back part of its former life.
    See what The Future brings for Rocky Springs Park. Lancaster County is rich in history, and for over 100 years, Rocky Springs has been part of it. Read about our long history or enjoy some of the many Photos and Postcards we've collected. Contact us, if you have memories or photos of Rocky Springs Park you'd like to share.